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Singapore Bodybuilding Federation delisted by Singapore Sports Council

The Singapore Sports Council has revoked the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation's (SBBF) status as a national sports association after questions were raised about the federation's ability and credibility to carry out its is max workout any good responsibilities. SINGAPORE: The Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation's (SBBF) status as a national sports association has been revoked by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) after questions were raised about the federation's ability and credibility to carry out its responsibilities. The SSC said the federation failed to satisfactorily clarify issues of concern relating to doping. The council's decision means the federation will not be able to represent Singapore in any multi-sports games, such as the Southeast Asian Games, and they will not be getting any funding from the council. The federation said it respects the decision and will not be asking for a second chance. Dr Rano Izhar Rahmat, president of the SBBF, said: "For this matter, I am not going to appeal because ever since I stepped in as president in 2011, we have not been getting any funding. So it is the same thing if I run SBBF with or without (the funding) as a NSA." - CNA/ac
Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/bodybuilding-sbbf-s-nsa/779536.html

(Photo credit: DBduo Photography) Consumers often expect vitamins to work miracles for their health. But if youre a woman taking a vitamin B supplement, the last things you might expect are your voice growing lower, your hair thinning out or growing oddly, and your menstrual cycle stopping. Thats why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a July 26th warning that a B vitamin product sold from a one-woman Long Island supplement company contained two anabolic, or bodybuilding, steroid drugs. One, methasterone, is regulated as a Schedule III controlled substance while the other, dimethazine, can be metabolized to generate two molecules of a methasterone derivative. Methasterone is one of a series of steroids initially synthesized in the 1950s by Syntex, now part of Roche, but it never reached the market. Depending on the dose taken, anabolic steroids can cause liver damage, blood clots, muscle pain, masculinizing effects in women and, in men, testicular shrinkage, infertility, and breast enlargement.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2013/08/06/bodybuilding-steroids-dont-belong-in-vitamin-products/

The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) announced the revoking of SBBF's status in a press release on Friday. The shocking decision was made on the heels of "recent developments in SBBF, which called into question its ability and credibility to carry out its responsibilities and obligations", said the statement. Earlier this year, SSC asked the SBBF to explain a number of controversies, including doping at the Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships, de-afilliation by the Singapore National Olympic Council and "other governance matters". SBBF failed to respond by the given deadline of 30 April. When approached by SSC, Rano Izhar Rahmat, president of the federation, did not provide a satisfactory answer, the council added. SSC said it then concluded that SBBF could "no longer represent or serve the interest of the sport and its athletes in the capacity of a national governing body".
Source: http://sg.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post-sports/singapore-bodybuilding-federation-delisted-singapore-sports-council-090621915.html

Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Doc ?Generation Iron? Gets September Release

Olympia Bodybuilding Doc Generation Iron Gets September Release EXCLUSIVE: The Vladar Company and health & fitness publishing co. American Media Inc. will pump bodybuilding docu Generation Iron into limited release in several markets on September 20, a week ahead of this years Mr. Olympia muscle competition. Pic, directed and written by Vlad Yudin with narration by Mickey Rourke, follows seven of the top bodybuilders in the world as they train and compete for the coveted title. Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance in the docu as do Lou Ferrigno, Jay Cutler, and strongmen Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf.
Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/mr-olympia-bodybuilding-doc-generation-iron-gets-september-173551412.html

Singapore Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation stripped of National Sports Association status

-- BH FILE PHOTO: MOHD TAUFIK A KADER By Sanjay Nair The Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SBBF) has had its National Sports Association status revoked with immediate effect. In a statement on Friday, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) said that recent instances of doping at the national championships had called into question the federation's ability and credibility to carry out its responsibilities and obligations as the sport's governing body. The SBBF also failed to make a representation by the given deadline of April 30 to address the scandal. "The leadership of SBBF has consistently shown its inability to lead the sport of bodybuilding - morally and operationally. The blatant doping violations and administrative incompetence has caused fragmentation within the bodybuilding fraternity.
Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/sports/story/singapore-bodybuilding-fitness-federation-stripped-national-sports-associ

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